Skipper, who is that? This is the colloquial term for a man who commands a vessel, in our case a sailing yacht. He is responsible for the operation of the yacht and also its safety and the safety of the crew and passengers. Undoubtedly, this should be an experienced person. If you do not yet feel up to command the yacht yourself, it is a good idea to enlist the help of someone more experienced.

  • Do you want to charter a sailing or motor yacht and don't have a license to drive it?
  • Don't feel confident at the helm and would like someone to help you steer the yacht?
  • Are you planning a longer or more challenging expedition and looking for someone experienced to support you through its hardships?

In any of these situations, hiring a skipper is a good idea. If you are considering such an option, please contact me. I will be happy to help you with these and other topics related to running a yacht.

Why use my help? On a daily basis, I conduct sea cruises on various yachts and in various waters. I am happy to share the experience I have gained through this. Having contact with different yachts and bodies of water, it is easier for me to select a yacht for you, one that will meet your expectations and perform in different conditions.

If I am busy at a convenient time for you, I will try to recommend someone. Ask boldly, we will certainly come up with something to make your cruise enjoyable and safe.

Capt. Jacek Mirczak

Skipper Jacek Mirczak on board the yacht in the port of Wladyslawowo.